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HUSC Past Player: Maria Stephans


An Interview With Past HUSC Player Maria Stephans

What was your jersey number with Hartford United?
I wore the number 3 my first year with HUSC and then switched to #9.

Where are you currently playing and what position(s) are you playing?  
I am currently playing at UW-Milwaukee and I play in the midfield, both central and outside.

Do you have a goal to play professional soccer after college?  
I would love to play professionally after I finish college and plan on looking into more options once my college career is closer to ending.

Do you plan to coach once your playing career is over?  
I love the little bit of coaching I can do now, and plan to coach more once I am finished.

Did you play rec soccer before coming to HUSC?  
I played rec soccer until U-10 before coming to HUSC.

Were you excited or nervous to join a HUSC?
I was excited but also very nervous because I was going to be playing with boys that were a year older than me. Any memories of that transition you can share for new players joining us?  The coaches and my teammates really made me feel like a part of the team from the first day and just made the experience fun especially in the tough transition period.

What was most important to you in your development as a player with Hartford United SC?
The most important thing to me in my development at Hartford United SC is individual attention and skill development opportunities. The coaches are interested in each player improving and being able to see those improvements on a team level as well.

What is your proudest individual accomplishment with Hartford United SC?  
My proudest individual accomplishment is making the boys team my first year and being able to contribute at that level.

What is your proudest team accomplishment with Hartford United SC?
My proudest moment at Hartford United is being able to compete for a season at the MRL level with my team.

What advice would you give current players as they set goals in hopes of playing at the college level?
My advice to players looking to play in college would be, don’t sell yourself short. The sky is the limit and you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Put your name out there, send out schedules to coaches, and attend camps. Push to get better everyday and anything can happen.

If you could meet up with one HUSC coach for breakfast who would it be and why?  
If I could meet with one HUSC coach for breakfast, it would be Jim Schrot because he helped to develop my skill set and since I wasn’t on one of his teams, I would like to get to know more about his tactical knowledge of the game.

If you had to do it all over again, is there anything you would do different?  
I don’t think I would change anything. I loved the experience of playing for a smaller club, but still getting recognized and accomplishing some great things with my teammates.