Home Philosophy


The Hartford United SC philosophy is to develop skilled, self-thinking players from the goalkeeper all the way through to the forward(s). This illustration paints a clear picture of our vision as we strive to provide players more touches and more opportunities to make decisions/solve problems in training sessions and games. The alternative (orange line) is a focus on winning first, while forgoing player and team development. There are plenty of clubs like this — what’s your objective?!

Three Step Process = Results At HUSC:

  1. Develop The Individual Player ~ Technical, Self-Thinking, Competitive
  2. Develop The Team ~ Tactical, Decision Maker/Problem Solver, Off The Ball
  3. Winning vs Losing ~ Match Result Focus

HUSC Traditionally Teaches

  • Defenders & Goalkeepers To Utilize Technical Skill To Build Possession From The Back
  • Midfielders To Support & Move While Making Decisions When To Go Forward & When To Keep Possession
  • Defenders and Midfielders To Decide When & Where To Overlap & Attack Spaces While Supporting Play
  • Defenders, Midfielders & Forwards To Be Creative Through Combination Play / Movement With & Without The Ball