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Reddan Tournament Recap


Reddan Tournament Recap

A message from Jim Schrot – Director of Coaches:

This past weekend I was part of a big time moment at the Reddan Ice Age Tournament in Verona, WI.   As the coach of the U14 Hartford United Boys Black team I witnessed a hard fought championship game in the premier bracket versus a very good team from The Oaklawn Academy out of Edgerton, WI.

Oaklawn Academy is a residential school where young men come to learn and play soccer. They travel from all over the world for this life experience. The team they put together to travel and play tournaments is made up of young men from seven different countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Uruguay to name a few.

The competitive nature and intensity of this championship game was as exciting as it gets. Both teams highly skilled and battling for every inch of the field. Both sides went at it through regulation tied at 0-0, double overtime and still neither would concede a goal. After 20… yes 20 penalty kicks I looked out on to the field at our goalkeeper and saw his raw emotion, I heard the screams of pure excitement from our boys but what grabbed me the most was the fact that every one of the parents from our Hartford team were now jogging on to the field. Our parents weren’t jogging to our boys however. They were jogging over to the Oaklawn boys to recognize and support them. I witnessed several of our team moms hugging those boys, dads giving high fives and shaking hands. All of our parents were complimenting them on a great game. You see, the Oaklawn boys didn’t have any parents at the game, they had zero fans cheering them on, as their families and friends are all thousands of miles away. Our parents recognized this moment, and for that I’m grateful.

Our parents set the standard for sportsmanship, thoughtfulness and class and went beyond respecting the game. I saw the smiles on the Oaklawn boys faces and believe me our boys were watching.

The afternoon concluded with the Oaklawn Academy boys singing in spanish, with a lot of pride their school fight song at the medals ceremony for all to enjoy. Coach Brett and their boys took a group photo with us to share with you all.

Thanks again to our Hartford United SC U14 Boys Black Team Parents!


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